CLIA/COLA Consultants


Meeting Laboratory Quality Standards

The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, passed by Congress in 1988, set forth standards of accuracy governing all medical laboratory testing. CLIA became the basic regulations for all labs involved in testing human samples.

In relation to CLIA, COLA is an independent, non-profit accreditor authorized to inspect and accredit laboratories – assuring they meet the minimum standards set forth by the amendments. As an accrediting agency, COLA must maintain the same standards as CLIA, but may add additional regulations to further insure the adoption of quality standards and protocols.

Assuring Your Success in Today’s Regulatory Environment

It can be extremely difficult to meet the high complexity standards that come along with CLIA and COLA compliance.

At DTPM, our experienced consultants can assure that your laboratory is in compliance with CLIA and COLA requirements and will even provide you with a lab director to help you keep your lab on track.

For laboratories performing moderate and high complexity tests, our consultants work side-by-side with your team to assure your success in meeting quality standards for methods development, proficiency testing, quality control, patient test management, and personnel qualifications.


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